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Hotel Garden is one of the most
prestigious hotel, located in a strategically
convenient location in Prishtina.

About Us


Economy Single

Inspiring, unconventional
design at Garden Open Kitchen!


It is a perfect place to enjoy your
breakfast, lunch or dinner with a
beautiful view.


Our unmatched service makes your experience at Garden Open Kitchen unforgettable

Garden Chef
Happy Hour

We know how to take care of you after a long day

Happy Hour

Decorated with elegance

The perfect setting for a stay you will never forget, in a beautiful natural surrounding and with great service at Hotel Garden


Fresia Wellness & SPA

Wonder Pool

The half Olympic pool offers calm and relaxation.
The pool is surrounded by several fruit trees
and you can enjoy it while you are staying
in our environments

Freesia Wellness & Spa

Is for everyone who knows how to
enjoy themselves and who love to relax

Wonder Food

Delicious food,
fresh drinks and
sweet desserts can
be served for you